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Naples Yacht Charter Itineraries

Here are some suggested itineraries for yacht charters in Naples

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1 week in Naples from Salerno

1 week from Naples

When you arrive at the marina you will go to the charter company office and check-in. They'll then show you to your boat and give you a quick briefing so you know where everything is on board. After that it's over to you, might we suggest a quayside beer to help you relax into the holiday swing!

For your first day sailing why not head over Amalfi. In the summer this sun drenched town is a bustling hive of activity, take a stroll through the piazzas or unwind on the small but scenic beach.

Days 3 - 6, Sightseeing round Sorrento and beyond. From Amalfi a nice sail is round the Sorrentine Peninsula to the town of Sorrento. Set high up in the cliffs the town is seperate from the marina but make sure you pop up there because if you walk down the winding streets you'll find a maze of historic buildings.
Once you've explored the dizzying heights of Sorrento with its picture perfect colourful town pop across the Bay of Naples to Procida. Procida has remained untouched compared to its neighbouring islands and is without a doubt one of the prettiest islands in the Mediterranean.
From Procida why not pop over to Ischia, its a short sail giving you plenty of time to explore when you get there. Ischia has a great mix of vineyards, beautiful forests and picture perfect towns. And in the evening once you've enjoyed some freshly caught fish why not head to one of the piano bars that line the seafront.

Days 7 - 8, Stopping off in Capri before heading back to base. If it's the celebrity lifestyle you like then Capri is the perfect last place to visit. With it being undoubtely the most famous island on the Amalfi coastline. So many have walked these streets, from Roman emperors, Russian revolutionaries and showbiz stars, there's a certain glitz and glamour here that you won't find anywhere else.
On your last day it's time to head back to base, from Capri to Salerno is around a 30 mile sail so make sure you give yourself time to get back to the base, the staff usually like people to be back between 4-6pm giving you time for one last Italian feast before its back to reality.

2 weeks from Salerno

Two week charter in Naples

When you arrive the base you will be met by the charter company where you will be checked-in. Once you've checked-in you'll be shown to your boat where after a quick briefing you're ready to relax and have a quayside drink! Salerno has plenty of great restaurants for a truly Italian meal.
On your first day why not have an easy first sail and do the short hop over to Amalfi. Here you'll find a bustling town with busy piazzas and a lovely small beach.

Days 3 - 5, Ambling along the Amalfi Coast. We recommend stopping off in Positano, a beautiful picturesque village with pink and terracotta houses all built into the steep hillside, quite a sight when sailing in from sea.
From Positano why not head over to Procida, arguably one of the prettiest islands in the whole of the Mediterranean. The buildings here are all pastel hues of green, yellow, pink and blue making a stunning backdrop to the harbour and if you eat along the seafront you'll be getting seafood caught fresh that day by local fishermen.

Days 6 - 9, A long hop over to the Pontine Islands. From Procida if you fancy if why not have a full day sailing and get over to Zannone in the Pontine Islands. This sail is around 35-45 miles but well worth the trip. Zannone is part of the Circeo National Park and is a great stop for lunch.
Once you've explored Zannone why not sail the short distance to Palmarola. There's a bit more here than in Zannone, not just the beautiful natural grottos and crags but also some ports where you can moor up for the night and dine on some local delicacies.
Ponza is a great follow on from Palmarola, another short sail. Ponza is thought of as the understated version of Capri. With the rich famous trying to keep this one a secret its definately not one to be missed. Ponza's got plenty to see such as the Grotto di Pilato, underwater wrecks which can be seen if you go snorkelling and inland there are even Piscine Naturali, natural water pools.

Days 10 - 13. You've explored the Pontine Islands now why not head back towards the mainand stopping on your way at the stunning island of Ventotene.
Ventotene has a great history and lots of it remains so make sure you take a stroll along the Villa Olivi while you're here.
The same distance again from Ventotene is Ischia. This brings you back over to the Bay of Naples and Ischia is a great stop if you want to sail round a stunnig town surrounded by lush forests and vineyards.
Once you've explored the quieter island of Ischia why not sail over to the most popular island on the Amalfi Coast, Capri. Popular with showbiz stars as well as history buffs there's sometihng for everyone here.

Days 14 - 15, Returning to the base. From Capri, once you've rubbed shoulders with all the celebrities who flock here in the summer its an easy sail back to either of our bases, Procida or Salerno. Most of the charter companies expect you to be back in the marina between 4-6pm and then you're free to enjoy your last night with one last Italian gastronomic delight before your flight home the next day!